Aquastar Courses

For continuity and the benefit of your child, our courses run in half-termly blocks, which are payable in advance, prior to the start of the course. It is possible to join us in the middle of a course, depending on space. Each lesson is 30 minutes.

Course Stages:

We teach in progressive stages, which are developmentally appropriate for your child's age and stage.

  • Tiny Turtles: 8 wks – 6 months approx
  • Turtles: 7 – 14 months approx
  • Sea Horses: 15 months – 2.5 years approx
  • Dolphins: 2.5 – 4 years approx.

Tiny Turtles

8 wks – 6 months approx.

Our tiny turtles classes are a gentle, relaxed introduction specifically designed for young babies.

These classes are based on gentle yoga-based moves in the water, together with songs and rhymes which help baby explore the unique freedom of movement that the water allows their bodies at this age.


7 – 14 months approx.

In our Turtles classes we follow on from Tiny Turtles with the introduction of more games and toys, as little ones become more interactive and are able to make voluntary movements, now that their natural reflexes are fading out. We also begin to teach vital water safety skills through games and rhymes.

Sea Horses

15 months – 2.5 years approx.

Our sea horses classes continue the learning of safety skills and introduce the start of fundamental swimming movements. Little ones personalities are developing during this age and they can often take a liking to the word 'no'! However, we never put any pressure on a child and work with them and you, in creative ways to overcome any little wobbles they might be having.


2.5 – 4 years approx.

Our Dolphin classes are our final stage before children move to independent lessons (with parents out of the water), so we continue to have lots of fun but focus on techniques such as breathing, arm and leg movement and body position. Again, this all comes together when the child feels happy and confident, so we work at their pace and ability level to make sure that they have fun and become confident and safe swimmers.

Times & Locations

Location: West Gate School

westgate-pool-swimming-lessons-aquastarswim.jpgWest Gate School
Glenfield Rd, 

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